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our volunteers bring love!

As we continue to rebuild our historic Lower 9th Ward community 12 years after Hurricane Katrina, we have been so blessed to have help from the very young to the wisest of old, teachers, lawyers, doctors, students, housewives, spring breakers, architects, soccer moms, professors, retirees, administrators, carpenters, Pastor’s, Rabbi’s and congregations from nearly every denominations from around the country. They continue to hang sheetrock, prep homes to be painted, clean debris, cut grass in overgrown lots, hang shelves, clean gutters, remove old trees, build rain gardens, plant trees, build community gardens, deconstruct old buildings, paint homes, build wheelchair ramps and so much more to help our new and returning resilient home owners in the Lower 9th Ward. They give their time and money - but much more they give their love. Our volunteers work with smiles on their faces in the bitter, cold winter and in the hot, humid summer days in the New Orleans. They travel by car, train, and plane at their own expense to help us rebuild our lives, homes and community. They vow to return and bring others along with them. They are our special angels. 


They continue to bring so much of themselves to help us rebuild. We can’t ever repay them for all the love, hope and joy they have brought to our community. But, we’d like to say Thank You and may your lives be forever abundantly blessed for the work you’ve done in our Community.


We have been blessed to coordinate volunteer rebuilding projects in the Lower 9th Ward for hundreds of faith-based groups over the decade since Hurricane Katrina. We would be honored to host your church, synagogue or mosque. And while you're here, we would love to worship with you.



We love our student volunteers! Thousands of college and high school students have taken their Spring Break, Winter Break or Summer Break to volunteer their time to help our community rebuild after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. We would love to have you too!


You don't have to be part of a large group to volunteer with us. We coordinate volunteer projects for families, friends and even individuals. Everyone is welcome who wants to give their time and love to our community. 

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